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Foldable Grill Cart for Fortress 2-Burner

Raise the barbecue meal to a higher level with the practical rolling table specially designed for the popular gas grill Fortress 2B.

The transportable 2B gas grill is easily mounted on the rolling table, which provides plenty of space for storage on both sides of the gas grill. The rolling table made of lightweight material can be folded completely and transported as a trolley. It doesn't get easier or more practical when you want to take the grill out of the blue - or put it away for storage.

Equipped with a strap to attach the lid to the grill when it is transported on the rolling table. Also manufactured with four grill locks to secure your grill during use and storage.
Foldable Grill Cart for Fortress 2-Burner
Foldable Grill Cart for Fortress 2-Burner

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Model No. 880-0019A

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